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Heat and the vagaries of engines.

July 22, 2011

Not much accomplished since the start of the blog. Blazing hot and steamy. I guess this is what the jungles of Guadalcanal are like.  If I ever get to the Pacific, I’ll recreate the island hopping campaign and end up in Tokyo Bay.

One thing that did happen, I got a new engine for Kona Winds. Kona is my toy boat, which I bought in a fit of madness, thinking having a toy to play with while SD  was on the hard would be a good thing. I learned that lessen way back with my first liveaboard boat. I got involved with a marina buddy in the rebuild of his boat and we found that after an day of slugging in the heat of summer, a nice sail on my boat was just the ticket. So, to that end, I chased round to pick up a small 25foot tupperware boat, on a trailer.

Good boat, motor was pooched. So another $800 for the new one, and a trip to the engine shop to get it checked out. Ouch. Shop time is hella expensive. It didn’t help that the carb had a fitting broken off in addition to having its guts corroded out, thankfully the shop  had a used one put aside,  so that was only $50. But the  rebuild came to an additional $250. Add another $700 to the engine cost. But I now have a reliable Honda 9.9HP which i will keep when I flog Kona Winds next summer after SD is in the water again. Being as I got a hell of a good deal on Kona, I should break even or win a little.

I picked up the Honda yesterday and went down to the club to mount it. I also  got the frame for the AC unit built, and got some final measurements for the notches that fit the hatch hinges. Headed home with the frame and realized I’d left my keys on the boat after I locked the ladder to the cradle. Shows what the heat does to my rapidly aging brain. Back this afternoon with a grinder to cut the chain. Sheesh.

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  1. Good news on the motos! Yes, keeping up with where you place your keys is super important..we also learned that early on..

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