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Finally getting some work done.

July 27, 2011

Finally got the air conditioner mounted on the overhead cabin hatch. Makes a great difference, especially once all the gaps are plugged. In the mean time the temperature has dropped some as well as the humidity.

So, today I took off a few hours early from work and went down for some crowbar and sawzall action. The dinette is pretty much history now, only a few cross pieces let that attach to the mahogany main bulkhead. I’ll have to take my time with them as I can’t seem to figure out how he mounted it. Holes with no screws, nails, all kind of weird n wonderful stuff. I’ve never seen such inconsistency in an assembly before. 5 nails, 3 screws, A bolt or two, then attach the next piece with 2 screws, 20 nails, and no bolts. Cross pieces bolted in some places, screwed in others. 8 screws with #2 phillips  heads, a couple of #3s and then a couple with slot heads and one roberts just to keep things interesting.

One bit of nasty, after pulling apart the dinette, I got to look under the floors that have been in place for 33 years. Rust. Lots of it along one of the fore and aft stringers. Seems the coal tar or whatever goop he used didn’t last. I don’t know how bad it is, wont until I get my camera in there to record it before I start cleaning. I may have to put patches on the outside skin. OH BUGGER!

Anyway the pile of scrap alongside SD is getting quite large. I’ll have to schlep it to the bin tomorrow. Then I’ll start dismembering the galley cabinetry and open up the engine space. I’ll have to jury rig some sort of companion way step, once the galley is gone there won’t be one anymore. I’ll knock something together out of 2x4s.

I’ve been considering how to get that pig of an engine out and off the boat. The large 32 foot cabin cruiser next to me has been sold, and the new owner will be taking it out of the yard soon. So, given that I will be able to get the fork lift right up to the hull from the starboard side, I’m just going to heave it out of the cabin and rest it on cross beams over the cockpit seats. It can sit there til I get the fork lift alongside.

I have 2 or 3 days off this week, (if the heat comes back I’ll cancel the one vacation day and save it for september) So I should get a good start on getting the engine ready to heave out.

I think I’ll have to make a run to the storage locker too, time to dig out the MIG machine and my 4 foot crowbar.  First welding job will be new legs for my prop puller. I couldn’t fine a decent sized one so I have to fabricate longer legs to fit the propeller and remove it.






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  1. Peter, call me. I have a Gray puller you can borrow that will likely fit.


  2. Danielle permalink

    haha..the story of the hodpodge of different hardware is one we know all too well. When we took Sundowner’s engine room apart there were different sized bolts, screws, nails, all stuck together in a most inconvient way..

    It was such a mess we even had to wonder if maybe the chaos was on purpose..but nah, probably just 40 years of additions, on additions, on additions with whatever was handy.

    We have made it a point to put things back together in a much more clean and organized fashion. That is unless you are ok with have to use a flat head, a phillips head, a rachet, a wrench, and a hammer all in succession.

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