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Seems the hatch will have to wait….

September 7, 2011

the contractor has his kids this weekend, and I’d be the last person on the face of the planet to deprive a dad of his kids when he’s divorced. I saw way too much of that mess with my brother.

So….. I’ll go pick up materials  for the flange, the hatch cover, and the companion way steps, get the hatch cut to size and epoxied, build the steps, epoxy coat the flange material, mark out the cut out, remove the old engine wiring, the exhaust, proably the prop and shaft, stuffing box and a bunch of old wiring. Then I’ll grind the welds off the underside of the cockpit floor where its tacked to the cross beams.

Once thats done, I’ll take a break. Then its time for another serenade from the almighty sawzall.  The chart table and ice box are going to die this weekend. The hatch is now tentatively scheduled for the following friday.

Funny, the contractor, Scott came up with a price for the job. He said ” I’m not much good at estimating but I figure its a full day job and I’m thinking $500 is fair. What do you think?”

I chuckled and told him not more than $250.  When he asked why so low, I told him what he was getting paid for his fulltime job within a buck an hour, pointed out I was paying for the materials and his boss was giving him the equipment for free and most likely billing the consumables to his next job for the City. Besides which, I’m supplying the beer so stop your whining. Paying double his rate, tax free in cash was a tad much. Also, I have the equipment to do the work myself, have the skills and the time, I just don’t want to bother when my knees are so buggered up. Do we have an understanding? 🙂

“Oh….. Ok”

Should be an interesting few days, the temp is now down into the mid 70s, so I’m much happier. Time to get at it again. Winters coming. Soon from the way it feels. Last night I left the balcony door open. I woke up around 5 am and put a heavier blanket on the bed. Two days ago it was feeling like 102F, this morning it was feeling like 55F. No wonder we can’t acclimate.

Oh yeh. In a fit of madness I started writing a novel or novelette about my early life in boats. The ups n downs. All the gory details of my first live aboard session, living on an uninsulated glass boat at -20C. I’ll post it in the Who is section once I get a goodly amount written. I’m also writing a sci fi novel based on my adventures with Sabre Dance as we navigate the global collapse. That one I’m stalled on but you can read the first 3 chapters here:,8643.0.html

Who knows, you may decide to join that forum. We have some pretty good people there looking at all the worlds problems.

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