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Some small progress….

September 12, 2011

I’ve picked up the material for the hatch coaming, and will be picking up a couple of cans of cold galvanizing spray from Fastenal. We’ve been having a long discussion on steel boats and insulation, over on the Cruising Forum. Part of the problem with steel boats is that they start to rust right away. You may not see it but any moisture in the air starts the process. So, after cutting up material or grinding, a coat of high zinc primer goes a long way toward stopping that process. Plus the primer can be epoxy coated afterward which improves its protection by keeping moisture away even more. I’ve used the industrial formulations on galvanized hand rails in factories after welding them up, and it does work quite well.

The companion way steps are now glued together, got that done last night while hobbling around on fubar knees. Not my prettiest work but they should be quite serviceable. If the geometry is up to snuff, I’ll finish them off later with primer and paint but I suspect that the step spacing is a tad off at the upper end. I took measurements from Espina’s ladder but as usual didn’t have them with me when I started cutting material. That first step down is a bit long if I’m not mistaken.

I was out to look at a stainless water tank from Marc’s boat SV Alchemy, but sadly its way huge. No way in hell it will ever fit into Sabre Dance, so its time to move on to plan B. As Marc is doing, I will be having custom plastic tanks made up, more than likely under the mid cabin settees. The space under the cockpit and side decks will be used for storage. Once the new engine is in, I’ll be framing around it and planking over so there is a crawlway around all sides, and then put in cabinets for engine spares, a battery rack and other bits n pieces.

Kudos to Beta Marine in North Carolina. I’ve been sending some pretty odd questions their way concerning dimensions of various parts of the engine and transmission that are not on the factory general arrangement drawings and they have come through once again. I asked about a parts manual. It arrived by email the next day. Maintenance manual? No problem, have them in stock. I’ll be ordering one today.

The odd questions are so I can make up a plywood mock up of the engine and transmission, as it looks below the level of the motor mount rails. Using that I can set up the mounts, shaft and prop shaft strut all in one go, as I will be able to visually see the clearances on the engine as I lower the mounts. I’m hoping that the new engine will allow a shallower shaft angle.

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