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It Is Done!

October 9, 2011

Got down to the yard at 12:30, loaded the cradle for Espina into the new owners truck and then got down to business. With all the prep work that I did over the last couple of weeks, and the proper gear to do the lift, the old tank was out in half an hour and over the side. The engine took a bit more, as it entailed two lifts. The first lift was out and up to the chain hoist that hung from the forks, but the engine wouldn’t clear the cockpit coaming by about 4 inches. So I had to set it down on some 4x4s across the cockpit seats,  and remove the chain hoist. The forks could then come down with just enough clearance to slide over the coaming and under the chain between the two lifting points. After that it was a piece o cake.  The engine cradle was knocked together a couple of days ago, and the engine is now resting in it, ready to be sold. I still have to pull the shaft out from the inside, as the coupling is pinned to the shaft and I need to have it in a vise to get it apart. I expect the shaft will  need to be replaced as there is some fairly deep scoring at the location of the stuffing box.

Now the next step will be to get some cut off disks and remove that mass of ironmongery that is the engine bearers, the shaft log and the propeller bearing mount from the struts.

Here is the empty engine bay with the old bearers.

Up in the top left corner you can see the original tank mounts. The new tank is a tad wider and about 10 inches longer so that will be reworked to fit the new tank. I will also need to make up an new mount on the opposite side, for the second tank which will be revamped for fresh water.

The new fuel tanks, ex Irish Queen. Both are almost full of diesel. I got the dimensions and calculated out the volume at 61 US gallons each. Our original estimated were off  a fair bit. I figure there is about 100-110 gallons in there. Once I get the electric fuel pump I ordered I’ll drain them both into drums and send them out for access panels, and cleaning.

By this time next week I expect to have the new Beta 38 up off the ground and sitting in the cockpit. Once there I can rig an A-frame to move it around and mount it. As soon as it is in the cockpit I will be putting up the winter cover over the cockpit and stern, then I can work for the rest of the winter in some comfort.

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One Comment
  1. Danielle permalink

    Great Progress!! glad to see it. Hope you can get all the work you need to done in time for the cold winters you have up there.

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