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Slowly banging away, its haul out time…

November 8, 2011

and the Spit Kit is now high n dry again. Sadly I never did get her off the dock, and once I get rolling on SD, I may as well sell her off. Nice idea at the time but who knew I would blow out both knees. Oh well, such is life.

On a positive note, the Dinosaur is on its way to a new home in New Jersey. Seems the fellow there fried his old one and needs a replacement. So with help from his mechanic he will be putting my old monster back in  harness, and I’m some pesos ahead of the game. That will be paying for my new prop, and the cutless bearings, and most of the steel I’ll need to put in the Beta. My electric fuel pump arrived, and I’ll be picking up a couple of drums next week, so I can drain the SS tanks and send them out for refurbishment. One will be fuel for sure, I’m still not sure of the second one. In the mean time I’ve got the Beta up into the cockpit, and all I need now is to get the winter cover over. The frame is up as of yesterday, and once I get it adjusted I’ll put the cover on. I still have some work to do to get the Spit Kit covered but that shouldn’t take long. I still have a roll of shrink wrap from my last boat, so its a matter of getting it in place and shrinking it. Right now I’m driving round looking for some scrap carpeting. When you don’t need it you see endless amounts every week, but god help you when you finally do need some. NONE. Nada, Zip.

Anyway,  I have 5 whole days off this week, so I shall get my nose to the grind stone and get the winter cover on, pull the shaft out (now that the GD key came out!) and get started on carving out the old engine bearers. Once that’s done I can order the materials, and have a go at cleaning up and repainting the hull plates in the immediate area of the engine. Its already getting into the low teens C here so painting is going to be difficult in another week or so.


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