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Here ya go, another song in honor of Occupy the World.

November 25, 2011

The movement appears to be waning for now, as the Elites of the world via their bought n paid for politicians and judges shut us down. In some cases, blood flowed, in others it was remarkably calm. Around the world, people saw the violence that was brought to bear on peaceful protesters who are coming together to demand change in a world where the riches end up at the feet of the special few. NYPD cops, off duty from protecting the citizens, paid for by the Elite on Wall Street spraying pepper and carrying on like the jackbooted thugs of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Hired goons, taking the pay to beat down citizens no different from themselves. We watched as Sgt Shamar Thomas shouted down 30 NYPD cops who looked rather embarrassed by what he had to say. We saw Scott Olsen, a US Marine Vet, quietly watching the Police line in Oakland, shot in the face by a plastic bullet and then another Oakland cop plant a flash bang right beside his head as he lay there and other protesters ran up to aid him. The events at protests in Europe were even more violent.

Not to worry, this is not the end. Historically, summer is the time for campaigning, and winter is when people lay plans for the next summers efforts. All over the world, this movement is simmering, as people sit in little groups, discussing the events that have unfolded since October 15th when the first people occupied Zucotti Park in New York.

We will be back.  The Tide is Turning



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