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Back at it again.

December 22, 2011

Finally, after dealing with that miserable cold, plus Als’ funeral, I managed to get down there today to rip out the old mounts. However, given the tools I have, it came down to either ripping out more floorboards and cross beams, or going out to buy a honking big disk grinder. I have 3 different grinders but all are 4.5 inch or 5 inch. With the way the floors butt up against the hull formers, I need a zip disk at least 7 inches in diameter to start cutting away the welds holding the mounts to the frames.

Since I’m broke, I started ripping up more flooring, and discovered more corrosion. Not surprising but annoying. I got to the point where I can start grinding the welds out next time I’m down. The 4 electrical cords give me plenty of power now, and I picked up a 500 watt halogen work light which really brightens up the place, plus adds its heat to the cooooold cabin. One micro furnace, and my radio plus a 3-outlet cord for the tools. I also pulled out the existing but probably nonfunctional bilge pump, and the pressure water system, wrapped them up in garbage bags for the trip home.

I figure on going down again tomorrow with my camera to take more photos before I clean up the corrosion, and start to hack apart the mounts. If all goes well the mounts should be out by the time I’m done.



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One Comment
  1. We’re waiting for photos. =)

    Sorry about your friend. That always hurts. I’m glad he went out having fun.

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