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Metal banging continues.

March 24, 2012

Just a short note. Over the last few days, (gorgeous weather btw!) I’ve cut and fit the new fore and aft stringers in the engine bay. As it works out the new engine position will straddle frame 8 instead of being supported at both ends by frames 7 and 8. In order to have something solid for the bearers to attach to, I’ve had to put in stringers between 7 and 8 and 8 and 9. These are spaceed 19 inches apart, (the width of the mounts) and offset to port by 4 1/2 inches.

The hole in the bottom is now squared up and clean, and  either just as it should be or it will need to be extended aft of  frame 9.  As it is now, the bellows hose will connect to the shaft log aft of 9, with the hull skin over the top of it. So in order to tighten the hose clamps I need to be able to get at them from along the shaft, instead of down from the top. It looks like I should be able to work on the shaft seal hose clamps but with a 1/4 inch drive ratchet I think I can tighten the hose clamps from a position in front of the frame instead of needing to open the top and work downwards as you would with a screwdriver.  I’ll know more during my next off cycle when I dry fit the shaft log and bearers.  I’ve also committed myself a bit farther down the path of no return, as the old prop bearing is now part of ancient history too. It had to go before I could fit the new shaft log into place.

During my work cycle I’ll need to have some angle iron clips made up to secure the stringers to the frames, Getting them to fit was a real PITA as the bottom plate is bulged inwards a tad and it turned out the material I cut was a 1/4 inch too short. Opps.

I figure on having all the metal work fabricated and ready to weld by the end of the month, leaving me almost all of April to get the welding done, and the tank in. As it is, the old tank mount had to come out, it ended up too close to the engine now that it is farther aft. So the mounting frame has been cut out and will be refurbished for the slightly larger tank, and then reinstalled farther out board.

So ends this off cycle, back to work in a couple of hours, for more fun and games with the idiot brigade at Ma Bell.  No photos this time, I left the camera on the boat.



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  1. james crotty permalink

    Dear SabreKai,
    Fell across your blog today and was immediately emphatic. We have an Offshore 38 and have had since 1986. She was built in 1978 in Dover Tasmania but unfortunately before we bought her had been left with a leaky stern gland and had “surface rust”. Being young and stupid, as distinct from now being old and stupid, I was sure the rust would succumb to hard work and hope. Such are the delusions of youth. Three years ago I had her sandblasted internally. So when I saw your post it brought back the joys and despair of refits. I put in a beta marine 43, re ballasted, added a 500kg shoe, keel fuel tanks and then stalled. Over easter we are sailing a very basic boat to Sydney to have a guy who has a feel for these things fit it out. You sound like you know what you are doing. Best of luck through the down times. Seeing light at the end of the tunnel, such as we went sailing in her a few weeks ago for the first time in years, made it all seem worthwhile and, the years without her were magically forgotten. Bit like how you forget the storms and remember anchorages. Keep strong.
    James Crotty SV Bliss Cremorne Tasmania

    • Hello James, Nice to hear from another Roberts owner. Heh heh, surface rust. ain’t it fun to play with. I just invested in a needle scaler, which I hope will clean up a lot of the internal rust. Ear plugs, ear muffs, and boiler suit will be the rig of the day for that job. I’m lucky in a way, most of the exterior is in pretty good shape as it was sand blasted and Ecoated about 5-6 years ago. There is very little rust topsides, and the bottom is also in fairly good shape. My hand sand blaster should take care of that, and then a couple of coats of Amerlock 2. It’s the inside rust that is scary. I’ll scale it and E coat it but I suspect I’ll be replating certain areas in a while. A Beta 43? Wow. Lotsa umph there. I figured a 38 was plenty and could have gone with the 30. What did you use for ballast? I have steel bits and cement. Not liking that at all. But getting it out is a chore I think I’ll leave to a hired contractor. Let them chip it out and remove it. How is your rudder skeg attached? Most of them are just scab welded onto the bottom skin, which causes problems with flexing of the skin. Mine is like that. I am figuring on rebuilding the skeg and rudder at some point…… later.

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