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Damn it got cold again!

March 31, 2012

A couple of days ago, Scott (the welder)  came down to have a look at the job,  and we figure its about 4-6 hours once all the bits are cut out and fitted.  I’m still working on the stringers, as they need to be parallel and offset from the center line by 4.5 inches. Since my center line is a tad bent, that’s not as easy as originally thought. But, slowly and surely, things progress. I was down there yesterday for 3 and a half hours. Spent part of that time trying to keep my winter cover from flying away in the wind, and part of it fitting the monster pipe to the prop bearing struts. Grinding and fitting in a -5C wind chill is not fun. However, the tube is in place, strapped to the struts and propped up on the other end with a wood jig fitting to hold the angle. I was going to start on the bearers, but in hind thought and taking pity on my poor  back, I’ve decided that 3x3x.375 angle is a tad too much over kill. The old bearers were .250 thick and the green monster weighed twice what the Beta does. To that end I’m off in about an hour to pick up the new pieces, now down to .250. Besides, I couldn’t find the GD nuts n bolts to put the mess together. 🙂

Here’s a photo of my dummy bearers and engine in the final position. The prop shaft can be seen at the top of the hole, with the very bottom of the coupling peeping out from under the far cross member. That vertical piece of plywood at the opposite end is a visual representation of the engine height above the bearers to give me an idea of the clearance under the cockpit sole. It also shows how much of the engine will project into the cabin, which must be small enough for the companion way steps to sit over without interference. So far, it’s looking good.

In the mean time, the post man and UPS have been bringing me more toys and treats.

My $150 marelon raw water intake sea cock and through hull.

West Marine had a sale. Two new solar vents to replace the cracked and broken mushrooms.

Under the toys heading, we have my primary fuel transfer and polishing system, and the needle scaler.

That needle scaler will chip away the rust scale prior to painting with epoxy, its an air tool, and very very noisy. The fuel system consists of the fuel filter I purchased from the wreck of the Irish Queen, with an new 10 micron filter, matched to a 40gph fuel pump. Once in place and primed, the pump will run off a 12v power supply, and I can transfer the 110 gallons out of the fuel tanks and into drums for storage. Then I can take the one tank into a shop and have access holes cut and lids fitted.

As it is, I don’t know if we will get going on the welding this week, I have a surgical procedure on Monday (nothing serious) and will be off for a couple of days. If I feel Ok, I’ll continue fitting the stringers and mount the bearers onto the monster tube.





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