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A minor glitch in the Matrix….

April 8, 2012

Seems the dummy engine bearer is set at too high an angle, relative to the monster steel tube that will be the shaft log. So yesterday I cut some new spacers for the dummy and will now rest it on the monster. The adjustment will allow the bearers to rest at the same position the steel beams need to be at. As I said, a minor glitch. A somewhat more important glitch is that for all  intents and purposes I am caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to having the engine share my cabin. I can either leave a frame intact, and have it live with me, or cut out a section of frame and shove the beast farther back. Since that is what my dummy bearers showed me first time round, but with a higher clearance, I am going to torch out a 10 inch piece of the frame. Once the engine is in place I’ll replace it with a piece that will give clearance to the engine. Since there are now going to be two fore and aft stringers to carry the engine, I very much doubt this will be an issue.

On a more annoying note, I started to cut out the old through hulls which are steel nipples welded to the skin. Cut them off short with a zip disk, carved hardwood plugs from oak, pounded them in and went at the first one with my trusty 3/8 drill and a 2.5 inch holesaw. Mind you, I’m cutting through a double layer of plate, and after about 5 minutes, my hand starts getting warm. Suddenly, smoke started to pour out, I took my hand away and the thing started spitting sparks. Then died. Permanently. Oh well it gave me good service for one I found laying around someplace years ago. My other one, a reversable 3/8 has apparently gone walkabout so I have an new one in my tool kit. I hope it lasts half as long.

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  1. I’ve had only one drill ever die on me after years and years of abuse. The AC plug in types just seem to be tough. Luckily they’re pretty cheap.

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