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Sparks aflying!

April 12, 2012

Scott came down last night and we got about 2 and a half hours of good welding done. Would have done more but it turns out the yard power house is on a timer. 2130 and all the lights went out. Sabre Dance at night with no power for lighting and no on board power system is like about 3 feet up a cows backside. Dark. Very dark.

So we packed it in and will be at it again tonight. The bearers are almost finished, I still have to finish cutting out the last old through hull and make up the hockey puck plugs to fit. Cutting those old fittings is a real PITA. So far the count is one hole saw burned out, and 1 and a half drills. My old B&D started shooting sparks and is now DOA. The replacement brand new DeWalt is also showing signs of dying. Fingers crossed it lasts long enough to finish the last hole.

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