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Sparks are still flying…

April 13, 2012

Got a goodly bit done tonight, the bearers are in and finished. The two through hulls are also finished although it was a task of amazing annoyance. The final death toll came to 3 hole saws, One drill, (the DeWalt looks like it might survive) and one 4.5 inch disk grinder. Scott opened up the final hole by the simple expedient of beating the plug out with a hammer, and I then dressed it with half round file. The grinder bit the big one while making up the hockey pucks. Cutting away quite happily, when smoke poured out the front vents, and then a foot long flame out the back end, driven by the motor fan inside. I wish I had a photo of it. Cheap Chinese crap.

After the bearers were in, Scott  loosened  the monster tube in its hangers, and slid it forward a few inches so I could get the end plate on to it. When I took the strap off that held it tight to the prop struts, it never moved, no sag, nada. The pizza shovel idea worked perfectly, every thing is concentric, and rock solid. Scott welded the end plate to the hull, the  tube to the end plate and finally the tube to the existing prop struts.  By the time we got that far it was about time for the timer to kill the lights so we packed it in. All that is left is to cut the tube, at the inside position, leaving a 1.5 inch stub  inside the hull for the dripless seal to connect to, and then we can box up the hole in the hull where the shaft log enters the boat.

Here’s the one shot I took tonight.

I have OOD duty tomorrow evening, so I will take some photos of the rest of it then. We anticipate one more evening of fitting and welding, then the hull will be watertight again.  If we get that done next Tuesday, I will have 11 days of vacation to get the engine inside the hull, chip as much rust off as I can, and epoxy coat the cleaned up areas. First thing tomorrow I have to start making up mixing cups for the Amerlock 2 epoxy.

Anyway, I’m a hurtin’ unit, time to take some Endocet tablets and crash. G’night!

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One Comment
  1. Dani permalink

    Im not good with welding terms, but I understand about tools dying and progressive being made. Casualties in the name of progress.

    Good work!

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