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April 20, 2012

Had to make a trip to the locker today, to pick up the main sheet, fenders, mooring lines, and the rigging pins. I also picked up some scrap lumber and ply wood which I figure to use for temporary flooring.  On the way back I picked up some groceries, including some pizza “kits” which I’ll give a try over the next few days.

I called Scott, turns out he was out of town on a miserable job so no welding tonight, and he has his daughter for the weekend. Knowing that, I wasn’t too gungho when I got down to the boat, being as my knees were aching and the boat was full of garbage, so I spent an hour cleaning up and tossing out stuff no longer needed at this stage of the rebuild. Things like scraps of steel, the engine bearer dummy, the empty water tank,  a bunch of oil absorbent pads I picked up when I had to clean up the oil in the bilge, my dead bilge pump and switch, and a couple of green garbage bags full of paper towels and dirty wet wipes. (You’d be surprised how filthy you can get while welding and grinding )

I then spent some time heaving the fenders and mooring lines up and onto the deck, figuring that was easier than climbing up n down the ladder a few times. He he, I can’t throw for beans. While I was doing that Bruce came along and paid me $150 for 45 gallons of the old diesel. He brought his polishing unit down sometime on Wednesday and pumped out both of my stainless tanks, so I ended up with a 55gal drum of polished diesel fuel and money. Not too bad.  I also have about 100 liters of fuel out of the old tank which needs to be polished but that can wait. As soon as SD is in the water I’ll be taking one of the stainless tanks to a shop to have an access panel installed and get the tank cleaned out. The other one will probably end up for sale.

Climbing back up onto the boat, Bruce handed me up all the lumber and plywood, then took off for home so I went below and started contemplation of the cockpit locker.

Here you see the mess. A flat plate welded to the two supports, then two end pieces welded to the floor, front face and overhead. Then complicated by adding two plywood panels and fiber glassing the entire mess.

Here’s the end plate closest to the cabin. I’ve already ground away the bottom weld and am about to start on the top weld.

After an hour of cussing, burning out two disks and destroying 2 blades for the sawzall, I managed to remove the inner plywood on this side. After that I gave up. No blades, no disks.  I’ll give’ er hell tomorrow.

Finally some photos of the finished mounts and the shaft log and box. There is still some welding and clean up to do but its water tight now, and could do as is. The extra welding is to make doubly sure no seams start to leak.

I suspect that the frame will still need to be nibbled out but otherwise its a thing of beauty. I dropped the dummy engine onto the bearers and find I can go back a bit farther than hoped for. Even better than planned.

8 days n a wake up til launch.

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