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Nothing much done today…

April 22, 2012

I just wasn’t feeling gungho when I woke up. I did get down there and brought the new marine instrument package with me, with the intention of ripping out the old through hull fittings. However, I got a bit side tracked chatting with some friends and never really did get much of a head of steam going. I cleaned out part of the bilge, but will need better tools as its about 2 inches deep in oily gunky stuff, which needs to be broken up before the shop vac will handle it.

I did manage to measure up the cradle. Once SD is in the water, I’ll need to move the supports and shorten them down. As they are now they push in on skin instead of where the frames are. This causes huge dish shaped dents in the skin.

But tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, I’ll be all full of piss n vinegar again, and give her hell then.

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One Comment
  1. hey Sabre, it’s me, pam!
    I just the other day saw your blog and LOVE it!
    this is just so fascinating to me!
    sorry i was so long in discovering it, I’m going to link posts on the blog in the doomsteading section for people to see as I think your work is something that people will be interested in reading about.
    keep up the good work Sabre!


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