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Ok, got the shaft…

May 26, 2012

and the welding is done for now. Scott came down on Wednesday, and finished cutting the section out of the monster tube, and then trimmed the bearers, put in the notch and finish welded the box.

Thursday morning I crawled out of the sack, had a cuppa joe and hopped into the truck for an amusing ride into the hinterland. 210 kilometers one way, with the morning rush across the top of Toronto not being too too bad. 30 minutes from one side to the other, and then smooth sailing all the way to the town of Woodview.  30 minutes to get the shaft, pay the bill, fork over another $7 and change for a brass key, and off I went. Gassed up on the way back, and paid 9 cents a liter less than they rape us for in the big city.

Coming home again was the pits, hit the rush hour at its start and took 1 hour and a bit to make it back to my neck of the woods. However, I did get to Princess Auto and returned the large cylinder hone which I finally got to check. Too big. As luck would have it they had the smaller one in stock.  I picked that up plus some air hose fitting so I can get my compressor running and give the scaler a try. Next task: hone out the propeller bearing tube so the cutlass can be installed, and start scaling the inside 4 bays around the engine so I can epoxy it to hell n gone.

I’m still debating the sea chest idea. Best get it figured out soon. I also need to get the depthsounder transducer mounted along with the sumlog impeller. And the endless amounts of rust on the outside of the hull.  I got going on the DS fairing on Wednesday, while waiting for Scott to arrive.  I expect I’ll have it shaped and ready to epoxy by the time my next off cycle starts on Tuesday. (Damn I love 4 day weekends! :))

I spoke to the other fellow who is stuck on dry land, he’s completely bummed out and figures on selling his boat once it’s in the water, but isn’t in any great hurry to launch so the timing is in my hands. Can’t complain about that, works for me.

The weather is acting nutty again, Very cool at night, then it hit 30C today with the humidex up to 36C.  To that end, given the piss poor performance of the air conditioner I used last year, I broke down and bought an 11,000 BTU stand alone which I can install inside and run an exhaust house out one of the ports. With that I’ll cease melting like the Wicked Witch and get some work done. I’ve picked up a mess of angle iron. I will be replacing all the 2×4 floor beams,  but I won’t start that until after launch.

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