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The demolition is pretty much done….

July 14, 2012

Now comes the clean up. Miserable hot today, I only went down to pickup up the debris and to take some photos. Everything is out but for some foam in the back end, it can sit there til fall when it gets cooler.

My brother Ralph, bashing out stuff.


Mikey bashing out other stuff


Both still bashing out stuff.


After it was all said and done:

The above is about the worst of the corrosion. I haven’t chipped it yet but I expect I’ll be thankfull for the double plating here. The head sink was over this. The next bay forward with the through hull was where the head itself sat on a platform.

Game plan is to call the sandblasting contractor on Monday. Everything has been moved away from around the boat so tenting it should be easy. For myself I need to get all the crap out, and stowed, then start working my way along getting rid of all the bits of foam. I need to speak to Amertech and see if there is a problem with leaving the roofing cement on the plate and epoxying right over it. If it is a problem then it will be tedious work scraping and washing off that black snot. As for sand blasting the insides, I may yet do that myself one or two bays at a time.  The problem with sandblasting is that you want to paint right away. Waiting for any period of time gives rust a fresh start especially if it is humid like it is now.




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  1. Damn, I was hoping to hear a Canadian “aboot” or “eh” in the videos. Looking good. Can’t wait to see how she cleans up after some blasting. You going with sand or soda or some other media?

  2. Not sure yet. I have to get with the contractor. I suspect it will be wet sand. There are about 10 coats of bottom paint on plus epoxy primer on the outside. I was doing a bit of research last night and it appears that the black snot will come off with turps or lacquer thinner. So, scrap off as much as possible and wash off the rest, then sand blast each bay and paint. Doing the inside will take a long time. First things first though. All the floor beams are still in place and they are wood so I’ll be replacing them with steel angle. Then repair or replace the floor plates and bolt them down. Walking around in there right now is a scream, the floors shift and sag all over the place.

    I’ll see if I can get my brother to give you a couple or Ehs next time. Aboot? Do I sound Scottish to you? I mean really. 🙂

  3. Holy smokes. You are going to have a blank canvas that’s for sure! I bet you are glad to have all those nails out of the boat. Goodluck with the next steps. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to turnout.

    Now you can make it anyway you want, Custom for you!

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