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Had a couple of reasonable days…

August 25, 2012

Where the AC managed to get the inside temp down to about 75.  So, taking advantage of that I went down twice, Tuesday and Wednesday and got some work done.

I want to post the boat before I rip the cradle apart and move the supports. So first thing to do was to dig 4 holes for the butt end of the 4x4s to sit in. Let me tell you, recycled asphalt that has had numerous heavy truck run over it over the last 20 years is NOT FUN TO DIG IN!!!!.  Hacking out 4 six by six holes about 6 inches deep took me two hours, with pick ax and chisel. Also a couple of bottles of water as the direct sun was pretty fierce. Anyway, they are now done and covered over with ply wood so no one breaks an ankle (Like me for instance).

Finished with that, I was too burned out to muck around with the posts or make the shims, so I ended up inside, and started to knock together the shelves on both sides. Once they are done, everything comes up off the floors including the floor plates and I can get to work scraping the tar and cleaning up the rust. I got about half done on those, then headed home.

Thursday was a good day, started off by getting the gas compressor out of the truck and up on deck. I have a 50foot air hose so I can reach anywhere I need to. As soon as I get some gas I’ll test it out by sandblasting some rust on my truck and then try out the epoxy coating. Best get that done now, I’ve put it off for a couple of years and its about to perforate.

Ended up back in the cabin, and got most of the shelves framed. Ended up breaking my last 1/4 bit drilling through a frame, and didn’t have a dozen 4 inch bolts to finish, so I packed that in and went home. When I checked my mail,  I found the delivery notice for the foam I ordered to re-gasket my ports so that was one mission for today.

The main mission was to drive out to the Whitby Yacht club to  meet a gent who has converted his 33ft Morgan back to tiller and was flogging the Edson pedestal and all the bits for $200. I’m glad I went, the deal was excellent and he’s also into doing a major rebuild, the Morgan is pretty much gutted. We spent a pleasant if warm hour chatting, and the pedestal is a major improvement over the one I picked up last fall. I should be able to mix and match parts and come up with what I need, then flog the remains.  On the way back I picked up the foam and then headed home to put another coat of paint on the lid for my gang box.

That’s it for today. I’m about to toss a steak on the Barbie and have a cup of coffee with my daily tot of rum. TTFN!

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  1. I thought you were contracting out the sandblasting? Get a nasty price quote or something? >:)

    Steak sounds good. Glad to hear you’re making progress. I can’t wait for the break in weather to come down here (and God help us avoid the hurricanes a few more years).

  2. For sure the exterior is going to get contracted out. I have yet to see if I’m going to let them do the interior. I have to talk to them first and see. In the mean time I need to revamp the cradle so they can get at areas where the pads are and to get the pads under frames. Ergo the post holes. The thing is, I want the engine inside as soon as possible so if its in while they blast it has to be wrapped up air tight. Risk of damaging the engine is a problem. I should know in a week or so how it’s going to play out.

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