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Sometimes things ain’t as they seem.

September 13, 2012

I have been contemplating the rework of the cradle before the sandblasting happens, and to that end spent an afternoon doodling and measuring. Ordered about $bucks worth of steel to do the job, got a meet set up with Scott. Went down on Tuesday to start getting things ready so we could get it done before the sun went down and as I’m setting it up, I find the cradle has crushed the wooden blocks at the corners, and the pieces that have to be welded there don’t fit. Then I started looking at the pads and how they work at the front end, (they dont) so a quickie redesign was called for. End result? Order more steel, some of which is back ordered til tomorrow, and nothing accomplished.

I was going to climb up into the hull to continue on the shelves but decided that moving about up there may cause the posts to move, so until this is done, no inside work. However I did get hold of the sandblasting contractor and he’s coming down tomorrow to estimate the job. I spoke to him about the inside, but he won’t touch it. Way too much of a problem for him to do, so if I want it, he can give me a name or two but told me to expect to pay 2-3x what the exterior costs.

So once the exterior is done, I’ll be using the needle scaler and the hand blaster to take care of the inside spots.

But oh joy, the post man came by to day with my Air Head. After reading up on Sundowners blog about them, I did some looking at them and have determined that for my needs, this will do the trick, and save me a couple of through hulls and a holding tank. I figure about another hundred pounds out at this point.

For those interested I won’t go into the gory details, Tate and Dani have done a much more eloquent job then I could. Besides, Dani bubbles much more enthusiam than I do. Here is their set of posts on the subject.



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  1. So are you saying we’re eloquently crappy or crappily eloquent? 😛

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