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This is how big biz and government work hand in hand

October 5, 2012

You all know about the massive dent in the ground up in Northern Alberta that is full of oily muck called the Tar Sands right? Well, our neighbours to the south in the US want this stuff badly so they are working on building a pipeline from Alberta down to the Texas coast to feed this crud directly into American refineries so the era of the humungatruck can keep on trucking.

People have been protesting this pipeline all along because  it is based on an environmental disaster in the making, which is what the tar sands is. No one wants that crap running across or under their land, the chances of leaks is higher because the sludge in the pipes is corrosive. But there is money to be made so Trans Canada Pipelines is pushing ahead on the line, either buying properties or seizing them via Eminent Domain laws and going against the wishes of land owners and people in general. The XL Pipeline project is still up in the air as far as the go ahead is concerned.

Here we  have a perfect example of big business using its pet government and their military arm, the Police, to do their bidding.


Give it a read, and cry. Because that’s all you can do to stop this mess.


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