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Got a bit more done, in patch work this time.

October 13, 2012

It occured to me that grinding down to bare steel and then painting the entire bottom was pretty silly, as there are already 4 coats of epoxy on where it is good. So adding a complete coat makes that 5 and one on the freshly ground bits.


To that end, version 2.0 looks like a patchwork. I got started late today so I didn’t get the entire lower chine done as far as the middle one but it’s supposed to be sunny again next week, after raining over the weekend so I’ll have at it again. Pretty cool now too, I think it hit 10° C this afternoon. What I’m doing isn’t the best possible way but looking at all the pits and warts, the only way to do it properly would be to take her into a shop for a warm air sandblasting to bare, and then a complete paint job. Not happening anytime soon so this will have to do.

Where the rust is really bad I’ll splice in new plating but otherwise this will do.

Here’s my Interprotec painted rudder and the first bit of the hull with Amerlock. Got a tad carried away with the roller, opps.  If all goes well that whole waterline will now be way too high and need a repaint anyway. That’s my story anyway.

The patch work job. The corrosion on the bottom chine is much worse, so there was a heavy application to the back end of it near the cradle support. Finally my back and shoulders gave out, and I had to quit. Besides was starting to get dark.

As noted, this area was pretty bad,  so a full bottom coat pretty much covered the evils.

Looking at the plate erosion and the condition of the zincs, I suspect there was something not right here.  Some of the pits are half way through and I can see where other pits have been welded over. I suspect I’ll be doing the same later with the worst ones.



From → Meat n Taters

  1. I would imagine that covering it that way would last quite a while? Metal seems like black voodoo to me.

  2. Yes, if the epoxy coating is unbroken the steel wont rust. The advances in paint systems over the 30years since SD was built is amazing. I am using Amerlock which is used on oil rigs mid ocean. Hard as rock, and pretty easy to apply. Hell. Put it on with a roller or brush or spray it. It cures down to 0° F which is nice cause it will get cold in another month.

    Don’t fear steel, it’s just another material to work with. I like steel, even if I’ve had boats of all kinds. For some reason it just feels more solid than glass to me.

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