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Just a quickie note before I take my aching body to bed.

October 23, 2012

Beautiful day today, lots of sun, a nice breeze and not too stiff to work. So I picked up my brother and we went down and gave her hell today, got the middle and lower chine done. The keep is started but will have to wait now til Tuesday as they say it is going to rain buckets tomorrow and Wednesday.

Over all, the chines are in rough shape. If I had the time and the money I’d ship her off to a shop somewhere and get both lower and middle chine replaced on both sides. It is apparent to me now that the clowns who built SD were complete amateurs.  As we grind along removing epoxy coatings 3 and 4 layers deep we find rust under the first layer and pitting that has been filled with that first layer.  I pulled out the photos of her being built and sure enough they jump from raw steel with rust patches to a completely primed hull that looks marvelous. Given that they photographed every detail of the build I can’t see where they actually sandblasted or ground the hull before painting. So I’m partly screwed right from the word go.

Looking at the stripped interior, I can see now, using the photos of the interior being built that they never cleaned the steel or painted it inside. All they did was put insulation cement on in blotches and then stick down Styrofoam. The spots that are painted were the ones behind the main cabin. Everything else is raw steel. No wonder she’s rotting out.

Anyway I’ve ground down as much of the rust as I can. As I do so I can see where deep pits have been welded and ground down,  this problem has being going on for 32 years. My plan is to get the grinding done, the clean patches coated and then start at one end with the orbital and sand all of it. The old epoxy, and the new epoxy to give a good base, then apply at least 2 more coats. Since my base coat is white, I’m going to order a couple of gallons of grey and alternate to make sure I get good coverage. Once that is done, I can cut out the rusted area, splice in new plate, epoxy it and she is OK for the winter.  Next in line: grind out and clean the 4 bays around the engine, and the bearers. Once they are done, Beta gets dropped into place and I can fab up the full size cockpit access hatch, epoxy it and install it.

3rd in line will be to clean up the lazarette hatch area, epoxy it, and reinstall the hatch. I have to come up with a way to get rid of the anchor well too, and cut a new piece to fit the hole. I want to put a chain well in so my windlass will drop the chain down to the lowest spot. I think I may have a chain well and a rope  well, so I can use a nylon rode as well. Still working out the details on that.

One way or another I have to make her water tight again. I have rainwater building up in the bilge and that’s got to be taken care of RFN.

Eventually,  its on to the interior clean up and rebuild…

Opps, not really a quickie is it? 🙂

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