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Sabre Dance as I found her…

October 25, 2012

This will be very photo intensive so be patient and let it load. Perhaps you might go get a coffee or read the next chapter of War and Peace? (I’m on page 1147!)

Robert’s 38.1979

This is the original brochure from the Broker.

(Above) As I found her that first day, a cold snowy day in December 2007.

The galley such as it was. No stove.

Dinette Port side.

Chart table with the icebox under. Sail locker was actually a small bunk for the original owners kid. Cushions laid out on top of the CT.

Starboard settee pulls out to a double.

The head. Under that vanity, the corrosion is eating away.

The green monster lurking under the galley cabinet.

Above shows some of the details of SD as I first found her. Oddly when I first heard about her, I asked the lady who told me about her, what her thoughts were. She said the boat was “weird.”  When I asked weird in what way, she told me I’d have to go aboard and see. I went down twice before I hired the surveyor, and couldn’t figure out what she meant. Only late did I figure it out.

The interior was built for a family of midgets. Nothing was of normal size, all was designed to fit them. I couldn’t sit at the dinette, and everything was just a tad out of place for a normal sized person.

(Above) The furling gear after the mast head swaging gave way.  Feb 2008.

So there you have it, A not bad looking boat that was rotting away inside because no one could pull out the interior components to see what was going on to the skin and stringers. Anyway its now MY problem, and it will be taken care of over the next year or so.





  1. This is my favorite blog, but it too is ‘weird’ On the one hand I find it reassuring because I knew the boat I bought was a total project and the deeper I go I keep finding it to be better than I expected. OTOH, it makes me bad because I can’t believe the amount of work you’ve done and I feel like such a total slacker in comparison.

  2. Ah well at least we are doing something we like. I used to be very active in my jobs and after 15 years of sitting at a desk I find this all to be a great stress reliever. Even the problems I uncover are doing more to amuse me than the day by day baloney I do for a living.

    As for the amount of work I get done, I have to drive myself as I am on a schedule. It annoys me when my broken down old carcass lets me down and I can’t get things done. But I WILL meet my set goals and she WILL be afloat next spring. As I’ve said, I don’t care if there is no interior, I can sleep on the floor boards and cook on my Coleman in the cockpit. 🙂

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