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Hurricane Sandy???

October 29, 2012

Everyone up here is either in a muck sweat or snoring as Hurricane Sandy comes ashore in the US. Our weather people are saying rain, rain and more rain. Oh yeah there will be wind. 60-100kmph winds tonight and Tuesday.  Our club just finished haul out on Saturday so the yard is full of boats again. They were going to move me but decided that dealing with the posts in the ground was a PITA so they left me for another season in the same place nicely close to the power house.

I have a lot of stuff just sitting on deck as we gutted the interior, so I went down yesterday in the rain and lashed everything down. Not so much because I’m worried about it blowing away, I’m worried about it blowing away and bashing someone else’s boat. So, tie it all down.

My major concern is still the three major size openings, the lazarette locker hatch which is gone, the cockpit locker which is open to the interior now, and the access hatch for the engine which is too small and not sealed down yet.  So, the lazarette hatch got a sheet of ply over it, and then some corrogated steel sheet over that to divert the rain.

The cockpit locker now has a piece of plywood pressed tightly against it, and the access hatch got covered over with a garbage bag and lots of sand blasting grit in jugs. If the gods smile, this will be sufficient to keep the water mostly out. Thankfully I got the last rust patches ground and recoated on Thursday, so that part is OK for now.

Anyway they say all this hoohah will be over by Tuesday night, but our forecast is saying rain for 12 of the next 14 days. Talk about monsoon season. What happened to our Indian Summer? 😦


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