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4 days of decent weather and 4 days off to enjoy them.

March 30, 2013

Spent the last 4 days working on the boat, trying to get my 72 item list done before launch. Primary task is to do a detailed examination of the chine where she rusted out. So far, its not looking good. The area where the head was located has rusted right through the middle chine, which I knew about. What I didn’t know about until today (Chipping the rust away) is that the inner layer of the double bottom chine is gone in spots. Thank god for that extra layer even if it does weigh a ton.

Anyway the trick part is going to be how to fix that. I was planning on cutting out a section of the middle chine and fitting in a new piece. I may yet do that. How to repair that inner layer is a good one. The damage section runs under a frame and is on both sides of it. So cutting it out is going to be a treat. Very gentle application of the cutting disk, too far and you cut into the outer layer. I suspect I may just put patches on the outside if time starts to run short. I’m trying to get hold of Scott, my welder but so far no luck.

I’ve made a good start on cleaning out the 4 bays where the engine lives, and hope to get epoxy on that in the next week. Once it cures I can drop the engine in, install the shaft and see if I made a monumental mistake. I might have set up the tube and bearers with an incorrect shim thickness. I used 1/2 inch, but the calculations come out closer to 9/16s. I may have to cut out 4 sections on the bearers and put plate on underneath. That will give me another 1/4 inch to work with. Keep your fingers crossed.

I spent a good 4 hours today removing the zinc anodes. Talk about fun. The guy who put them on uses mild steel washers and nuts on stainless steel studs. Galvanic corrosion. All of the nuts were rounded and being recessed into the zinc were impossible to get at with vice grips. So….. 6 disks later, I finished cutting away enough of the zinc to be able to get the grips on. A judicious application of vitamin H (heat from a propane torch) and they came off grudgingly. So 1 item off the list. New ones on order, aluminum this time. After doing some research I found that current practice is zinc in salt water, Magnesium in fresh and aluminum in both. Magnesium is better, much more active but it appears that if there are stray currents in the water, your boats anodes will protect everyone else as they are all connected via the shore power ground lead. So your anode disappears in a matter of weeks.

Zinc in fresh water ends up coated with zinc hydroxide, and then is no longer effective. My zincs are original 35 years old and you can still see the makers molded on name. But they are covered with a hydroxide scale.

I’ll post some pics later as soon as I can get a card reader. My new PC, using windows 7, won’t even acknowledge my old Canon cameras. So its either go back to XP or get a card reader.



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  1. Good to hear some progress is getting done. I know the Winter up there kills off a lot of the time you can devote to getting work done. I’m dying to see your engine go in and I’ve got all kinds of stuff crossed that it all lines up okay. Wish I could offer some advice on the chines, but being a fiberglass guy… I’m just lost when it comes to metal!

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