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I must be cursed.

April 4, 2013

I’ve been stuck at home in bed since my last post. Tottered off to work on the Saturday and woke up Sunday with a chest cold. Since I am susceptible to pneumonia, I can’t take any chances with this, so I’ve been stuck at home.

Then, just to complicate things, I finally get hold of my welder, whose world has apparently collapsed into a black hole, and won’t be able to do anything for me. So, here we are, 23 days and counting, no welder, and a rotten chine.

So, Plan A) I am currently considering applying a fiberglass patch to the chine area with epoxy, and leaving the rusted area for replacement in the fall since the outward manifestation is a series of small holes, not much more than pencil diameter, with the largest one being 1x 1/2. I can bang a plug into the through hull and cut it off flush, then put a glass patch over it too.

I have no doubt that the patch will A) work and B) stay there. Many years ago when I was into wood boats, and had discovered West System epoxy, I did a series of experiments where I epoxied a mild steel strip to an oak rib section. Once it cured it was alternately frozen, and thawed, for over 60 cycles to see if the metal expansion would cause it to break free. Nope. Solid as a rock. So, given that the epoxy they painted her with is still rock hard after 35 years and won’t even come off with sandblasting, a good sanding and a 1/4 inch thick patch will do it.

Plan B) is to try and find a welder, or learn to use my MIG machine well en0ugh to trust the repair if I do it myself.

Plan C) is to say fuck it, get drunk and not launch. The benefits of this will be continued access to 120/240v power, and no noise concerns which would be there if I were afloat and usuing my compressor and gennie to run the welder. The downside will be the entire club giggling every time I walk past and a year more that I have to work.

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  1. A hard call to make, Peter, but if it’s easier to work on land, it’s easier and should run that way.

    Your biggest enemy to doing the job right is the idea of a schedule. Trust me on this. It’s taken me five years to get back in the water and I still needed a tow to my dock…and I think I made a lot of progress this year!

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