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Oh well. Sometimes things just don’t work out like we planned.

April 8, 2013

Finally out and about, still congested but getting better. Finally managed to get to work yesterday, to spend 10 boring hours waiting on the phone to ring. Boooring.

Plan C is now in effect, I got drunk a couple of days ago, (sure made my cold feel better :)) and called the club next morning to give up my dock and cancel the launch. I had finally gotten hold of Scott, turns out his life has gone delta/sierra too. Ex-wife problems apparently. So that put paid to getting it done in time. 19 days til launch, and only 3 weekends to do it all, without the major job of welding done. Nope, not going to play that game. Oh well, so be it. No point in getting in a tizzy over it.

I have pretty much bought all the equipment I need to get her done, so costs should drop while I get things done over the summer. If all goes well, perhaps a fall launch and wintering aboard is in the cards. Who knows.

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