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Off to a good start…

May 17, 2013

Having decided not to hastily mess things up in an attempt to launch, I have gone back to the cleaning of the inside prior to painting. I’ve given up on hiring idiots as they never show up on time or even show up at all, and don’t have the courtesy to let you know they aren’t coming. Wasted a whole 3 day off cycle thanks to the two who shall remain nameless.

One of the fellows I work with has a contracting business, so I called him down and he is agreeable to do the worst of it. Another co-worker is now getting interested in sailing and he too wants to come down. I’ll be paying 50% more and have to get up at 0dark30 to meet them on a work day, (their schedules are way different than mine.) but it will get done in a matter of a couple of days.

Carmen cringed when he saw the hand scrapers, and declared he would bring down his multitool and see if it worked with the chisel blade.

Every feel like smacking yourself in the head? Really hard?

I have a Fein multitool sitting at home. I brought it down the next day and it does a great job. I’m still trying to see what dissolves the last of the residue, but between the multitool and an orbital sander with 60 grit paper, it is coming along. The lads are coming down next Saturday and Sunday and will be doing the area under the cockpit and after deck first, spots I can barely fit into.

I am going to continue with the main cabin area, and do some more demolition. The chain locker is one of those under deck boxes, which leaks. and so it will go. The old throttle quadrant, is in a pie wedge shaped recess between your legs as you sit, and is really annoying to use, so it is going too. I’ll put in blanking plates till I’m ready to weld up the foredeck and install the windlass and a tube guide for the chain. The chain locker will not be as low as I would like it but it will be much lower and farther aft by about a foot and a half. Ditto the rope locker. So far the new interior layout is not going to have a vee berth, that will be a work bench and stowage, so the pipe guide wont’ be too much of an annoyance.

The hole where the throttle used to be can be welded shut with a piece of sheet, but I’m thinking that a clear window showing the steering gear might be an idea as I plan on putting in an Edson cable system. I have to raise the aft end of the cockpit floor by about 8 inches to get a decent run for the cable but as I mentions a number of posts ago, my cockpit if flooded will hold some 64 cubic feet or over a ton and a half of water. So reducing the volume might not be such a bad idea. Besides, no one can sit in the cockpit beside the wheel anyway. I usually sit on the coaming with my feet on the seat when steering into the dock.

I’ve got some running round to do today, but the club is having its first Super BBQ Friday, so I’ll be there with bells on. Can’t beat a $4.99 barbeque! I also have a new camera which actually talks to my new PC so photos will start appearing again.

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