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Things are getting done!! WOOHOO!

May 25, 2013

I’ve been down a couple of times this last week, and using the multitool (Thanks Carmen) have started making good progress at getting the roofing snot off the skin. Aside from having to resharpen the blade every 10 minutes or so, it takes the snot off pretty cleanly. I started working on the port side, and cleaned out the bays between frames 2 and 4 and 6 and 8. I still have to do some thinking on what to do about the smeared gunk that won’t come off, but I may end up just putting the epoxy over it. I’m going to call the manufacturer on Monday and see if I can do so. The roofing snot is petroleum bases, and a real PITA to remove. Over the years, it has attacked the original interior coating in spots and caused it to peel off. I’m cautious about paint the epoxy over it and leaving it there. A quick try with lacquer thinner wasn’t much fun, so next I’ll give mineral spirits, turpentine and paint remover a try.

Today, Carmen and Bevan came down, along with Bevans’ son. They got to work under the cockpit and aft deck and cleaned out all the snot. We’ll have at it again next weekend, and wash down the interior, degreasing and what not, then epoxy the inside. They also got going on the starboard side, and scraped down the bays between 4 and 7, so overall I’d say the scraping is about 2/3rds done.

IMG_0034       IMG_0037

I’ve just found out I will stuck without a parking space at my apartment for 4 days at the beginning of June,  and with the way our town goes nuts on parking tickets I think i may well be sleeping on the cabin deck for those 4 days. I get off work on Tuesday night and go back in on the Saturday so I will be putting an air mattress down on the floor plates and rolling out my sleeping bag. I already have a hot plate down there so a box with pot, plate, utensils and some quick food like Craft Dinner will see me through.

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