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Being an evacuee is not fun…

July 16, 2013

We had a massive storm hit our area on Monday the 8th, which flooded my apartment building. I’m currently camping in a motel, waiting for the cheap landlord to get the place liveable again. If it weren’t for bullshit regulations I’d be camping in my apartment, using kerosene lamps, propane camp stove and hauling water up as I need it.

But no, there are no lights in the stairwell and no fire alarm so I get to pay $115 a day to be kept out of my apartment. (almost got arrested for getting a bit vocal with one of the cops on day 1)

Work on SD is at a complete standstill. Most of the stuff I need is up there on the 4th floor and I can’t get to it, or more to the point get it out. Major heatwave and bad knees. No elevator.

The really amusing thing about this is that 34 years ago I got evaced during the Mississauga Train Wreck and spent 5 days sleeping on couches, floors and in the back of my truck. What honked me off was that at the time I was living in my Grampian 26 and could have shoved off and had a blast at Toronto Island for the week but no, they had it all blockaded and wouldn’t let me in to park and get the boat underway.

So here I sit, same circumstances, only this time the boat is on the hard and I’m still SOL.

More later, I expect we may be back in by next week.

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  1. Oh geesh! Sorry to hear all of this. I hope you get your apartment and projects back on track soon.

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