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Well, Finally getting some things done.

August 20, 2013

Having been evacuated and having to stay in a motel because Sabre Dance is on the hard turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This is the second time I’ve been evaced and couldn’t stay on my boat. First time they wouldn’t let me back to the marina after I took my girlfriend and her parents to a hotel, got back after they’d cordoned off the area. This time, I couldn’t because the various insurance companies veto it. If its n the hard, can’t be lived in. Sorry. So now I’m PISSED OFF and pushing myself to get operational.

We finally got back into the building on the 22nd of July. The management gave me back 17 days rent, (BFD!) and is now harassing tenants left and right trying to get them to move out so they can raise the rents and recoup some of their losses. People in the know are saying that the insurance company told them to go pound sand, which is why we are still having things cleaned up and fixed (Jury rigged more like it). So far 17 units are vacated, mostly at 0dark30 with abandoned furniture left behind. Management fired the Super, because someone painted the words “Slum Lord” on the side of the building one night. I walk around now with my camera and document everything I see that is messed up.

Heres a good one. The Managment is trying to evict one tenant for having a generator running on his balcony to keep the fridge and freezer going. Reason? “installing and running a generator during an emergency. Also for having a chest freezer.”

So anyway I am pushing. To that end, I’ve gotten most of the leaks under control, making up a new anchor locker cover, new engine hatch cover and making up a new base for the lazarette hatch. The hatch itself is stripped down and being sanded prior to a new coat of black two part polyurethane paint. I have the new rubber strips on hand, and will be looking for the adhesive this weekend. The base is on the boat and needs to be contoured to fit the deck and then final finished. The deck needs to be blasted, E-coated and faired, then I can up the thing together again.

The old cable locker finally went over the side after a 3 and a half hour battle with cutting disks, and the sawzall. It made a resounding thud on the ground when it hit, and will cut up for reuse in other areas. The cover is now in place, gasketed all around with sealer, and a big sign on it. NO STEP. It will keep water out but I wouldn’t put too much weight on it. 🙂

I have the motor mount holes drilled out, (Went down at 0100 after work on Saturday)and the clips I need in case the mounts are too high have been made and drilled. The engine has oil and trans fluid in now, the heater hoses for the calorifier are being picked up tomorrow.

It’s going to be hot and steamy again for a while so I’ll finish up the hatch and paint it, and try to get the engine bay cleaned, sanded and E-coated. If all goes well the engine will be in place before months end.

I’ve marked out the area on the chine that needs to be cut out, so that will get done this cycle as well. The new piece is in the truck now, and will be fitted as soon as I can get the dogs and wedges made up and get the dogs welded in place. My final goal this cycle is to get the 240V cable strung, and get the Mig machine set up for practice.

Photos to come.


Addendum 27 August.  This was supposed to be posted a week ago. Hit save as draft instead. opps.


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