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Still making progress albeit slower.

December 4, 2013

Ok,  the hole in the side is coming together well. Yesterday was a decent day, so went down and welded the dogs to the outer skin after putting the last of the clips in place on the inside skin. The piece of sheet I had purchased turned out to be about an inch wider than needed so a bit was trimmed off by measuring off sets and width of the hole, laying them out and cutting with a disk.

The filler piece fit just as planned and the dogs n wedges work as advertised, so the coupon was pinned in place and scribed for the final trim cuts. Upon further contemplation it occurred to me that the sprung plates need to be pushed and pulled back to original position before I make that final cut, so that is the next task. To that end I wasted half a day running round looking for turnbuckles, but the prices for the size I need was way out of line for a one shot job. Then I remembered I have a couple spares from Espina, in the locker. Tomorrow morning I’ll head out and pick them up.

The weather here is cold and grey, about 4C with 83% humidity and 25kmph of wind. The damp cuts to the bone so outside work is not much fun. I have to get my arse out of bed earlier too, as the days are plenty short without losing the mornings. So no more late nights for a while.

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