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Heavy metal!

March 22, 2014

Been working steadily since Monday, getting the bearers done. Heck of a lot of cutting and grinding, but they are coming along well. I can’t weld for shit anymore, so a lot of weld, grind it out again, weld and grind it out again but I’m pretty sure they are not coming apart. The whole engine only weighs 410 lbs, so figure 102.5 lbs per mount. MIG welding is a different kettle of fish when you learned stick welding. Anyway, I’m not quite done with them, that port aft mount is a real fiddly one. I’ve got some good photos, so be patient.

After I realized I’d messed up the height of the bearers, this was the fix decided on. 4 pieces of 3x3x1/4 angle bolted to the inside face, drilled and spaced.


After due consideration as to the difficulty in welding these things in, the next step was to trim the existing angle to open up joints for welding.


Doing the above was fairly painless, the mini grinders work well with .040 cutting disks. The next step was to lay welds in where the bits had been removed and on the vertical faces. Here are some of the welds. Don’t laugh. They blow chunks.


The one above was mediocre. The one below was horrible.


Anyway, they served their purpose and next came the really painful part. After unbolting and removing the shims we ended up with this.




I rented a 9″ grinder, an annoyingly big heavy monster, and used it to cut away the remainder of the original angle, and flushed the web down to the top of the new angle. Imagine laying on your side, holding a 20-25 lb screaming monster at arms length, with sparks and dust and assorted crap flying about. Face shield and breathing mask is mandatory. I got tired of trying it that way, and couldn’t sit upright until I remembered the engine hatch. Opened that up and had enough room to sit. Didn’t help with the grinder but we got er done.



Three of the four mounts look  pretty much the same as the above pic. The port aft mount turned out to be rather tricky, with gaps here and there that need to be stuffed with scrap and then welded. Below is how it looks when I left to go home tonight.


There is a 5/16 inch trench along the stringer where I had to notch the new piece and there isn’t much meat to weld to. So the gaps get stuffed with scrap and then welded on both sides. The middle section has a deep wedge shaped pit, so a piece must be cut to fit and then welded, again both sides. Anyway, with a load of only 110lbs, I think it will do.

The weather is calling for freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. Sunday is supposed to be better but the trend is back downwards to the -6-10C range. So I’ll have to finish up the welding and grinding, do some polishing and washing with solvents to clean up the mounts and paint them later. Next step is to install the shaft bushings, insert the shaft through them and the cutlass bearing, then drop the engine and see what is what. If I screwed it up again, I’m gonna shoot myself. 🙂  Then its back to the 5 foot long hole in the side. Whoohah, launch is on the 25th of April.





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  1. I have nothing to contribute as my knowledge of welding is zilch, but its great to see the mounts at least starting to shape up. I can’t believe you guys are still getting freezing rain. We’re in shorts and sandals again.

    • Yeah this winter is a really weird one. Warm one day, freezing the next, and I mean freezing. Got down today, paid my dues for the year and confirmed my dock. Climbed up into the boat, refueled the heater and got to it. The port aft pad is now as good as it is going to get, all the pads are checked for flatness, and the edges and corners have been radiused. I washed out the painted bays with an industrial cleaner, but have no water to wash it off with. Tomorrow is -10C again, So I’ll wait til Monday and carry down my 5 gallon water can. Saw your last post on the first race of the year. WIsh I was there with ya for that sunset.

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