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Progressing at a steady pace.

March 31, 2014

Got the bearers finished, cleaned up and painted yesterday, too damn cold all last week. First time I tried to clean up the bays, the water froze as I was washing them down. Annoying when your sponge sticks to the hull. Anyway, Still pretty cold yesterday, was intending on painting the bearers and putting a second coat on the bays but the condensation was pretty fierce. So, I put a micro furnace into the bilge in front of the bearers, and put all my plywood sheets on top of the bearers. Got nice n toasty at least in that small area. I put some water into a 5 quart pot and put the two bottles of epoxy and hardener in there, then put that on the hot plate. Worked out very well, easy to mix and paint. Bonus: Had some hot water to wash up with.  So those are done, and in about 5 days they should be cured. So….

Today I went down and got going on putting in the fore and aft floor stringers. Got the first two forward ones set up, and a good start on the 3rd one. I was going to have a look at the hull plate but there is a swamp under my boat, not conducive to working with welding machines. It’ll be another few days before the last of the snow is melted and the ground dries out. But that is constantly on my mind and will be done as soon as possible. Also crawled up under the cockpit and got the two cockpit drain cocks to work finally. They will be replaced as some point as they are brass plumbing fittings which will go away as soon as we hit salt water. The marelon replacements are already on hand.

I’m anticipating that the gods willing, the epoxy should be cured by Wendesday and the engine will be in position by thursday night. I’m off this weekend to Ad Astra, the annual Sci Fi convention here in Toronto, looking forward to it as I started writing a novel about a year or so ago, and want to see whats involved in publishing it. So, I’ll get a chance to sit down with writers, publishers and others, enjoy Klingon Karaoke, costuming, lots and lots of stuff at the venders market and plenty of beer and good food. I’ll be back to work on the boat on the 7th. 


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