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This can’t be right. Things are moving too smoothly

April 12, 2014

The weekend at Ad Astra didn’t happen, I was too concerned about the timetable and running out. So, I cancelled the hotel, and went down to work on the boat. I’ll hit Ad Astra next year. Of course it figured, once I decided not to go, and had cancelled, the weather went delta sierra on me and I didn’t get anything done til the Sunday. Here’s the work log for this week then:

06/04 Continued working on fitting the coupon. Just about done, needs a bit more trim. Pulled the lower skin down, middle skin up, plate fits pretty good and fair. Lower edge dogs don’t work, need to shove a wedge in between skin and dog. Also, 7/8 and 3 inch hole plugs made, beveled and fitted. Spoke to Peter Tomlin, he is ready to weld the patches as soon as I call him to let him know they are fitted.

07/04 Finished the coupon, should be ready to weld. Measured inside floor widths to get a better idea of the interior layout reality. Not much else, cold and rainy day.

08/04 Spoke to Peter Tomlin, he will be down at the yard on Thursday, will call me. Hit the Store for PSS vent tube and vent.

10/04 Peter called me this evening to let me know he’d gotten the coupon stitch welded into place and it faired in very well. He’s not happy with the way the Mig machine is working, the shielding gas gets blown away way too easily, so he is going to do the rest with the portable gas powered stick machine tomorrow.

11/04  Went down this am to meet up with Peter. Beautiful work he does. The coupon is now completely in place, welded all around. He had to stop before getting the small round coupons in, old age is getting him too. Needed his reading glasses to be able to see the weld up close, so will finish it off on Monday. I am going to check over the main weld for porosity and clean up the weld over the weekend, and he will correct any minor misses. For myself I didn’t get much done, but the floor beams are back in the engine bay, and the bushing is in place as is the new shaft. Too many people round to be tossing stuff off the deck, so that is for next week as well. Probably take the winter cover off by the end of next week. The engine is rigged for hoisting, but I’ll need a couple of bodies to do that. I’m scared to do it, If I screwed up again, I’ll jump in the lake with the icebergs. I also got the bolt studs off of the rudder, as the new anode have smaller holes and the studs need to be closer together. I ground off the one busted stud on the fin, and hit Fogh for new fasteners. Cost a little over $6. Then I hit Linde welding supply to get the stainless steel rod needed. OUCH. You can’t just buy a handful of rods. You have to buy the box. So I now own a 10lb box of rods, which I will probably need 3 or 4 of….. $166….. OUCH.

And so it goes. Had an enlightening conversation with my out of work brother this morning, figuring I’d get him to do the sanding. He is totally not willing to do it during the hours I want him for (2pm -8:30pm) but is willing to go down with my key at 7am and do it. Being that he is a dope smoking alcoholic, I’m not too keen on that. I’ll have to think about that. I may call the local temp agency on Monday and just hire two guys. More expensive but I have the control. Beer breaks and smoke breaks every 10 m isn’t going to cut it.

Right now I’m scrambling round getting the various through hull bits together, so I can install them. Right now I can’t find my nifty new $2700 propeller. I put it away somewhere, damned if I can find it. But tomorrow is another day, and I’m sure it will be found.

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  1. JAFO permalink

    Re the excess stainless rods, you might be able to find an engineering shop willing to buy them off you.. hang on to a few spares though.

    • Yeah that’s one possibility. I expect though that there are plenty of projects around the club that they can be used on. All that welding being done now is with club gear, and all gratis. We help each other out all the time. I will be keeping a few for my own use though.

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