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Jinxed it.

April 26, 2014

I knew I should have kept my yap shut. I jinxed it. After all the busting of asses, something as simple as not making a phone call to the insurance company put paid to being waterborne this summer. With all the endless lists of things to be done, that is the one thing I forgot. No insurance until I get the boat surveyed. Given the current state, no way in hell I’m going to do that yet. I can imagine him looking at the plywood covering the old cable locker or the aft hatch and shaking his head. I need to do a lot more work before that happens.

So, what are the pluses in this sorry state of affairs? Well, I still have access to 120 and 240 volt power in unlimited quantities. I have water if I need it. But the most important thing is that I’m far enough away not to annoy the other members on their boats. As I was getting things ready for launch, a few of them made comments about noise on the dock if I was to work there. Since I need to weld, grind, sandblast and scale, I need my power and I need to run my compressor. So perhaps it’s a good thing.

As far as getting work done, the engine is now in place, along with the shaft, coupling and dripless seal. All the bolt holes but one lined up, not sure why that last one is off. Oh well, elongate the hole and be done with it. I’ve located and cut the hole for the cooling intake sea cock, accessible from where the galley will be. I’ll be going out to get the hoses and clamps to put in the raw water strainer on Monday.  Gotta say it is nice to have my cockpit back. I’m going to rig up the barbeque on deck and bring down my large cooler. Work for the day, do a steak, relax and watch the sun set.

Had a buddy of mine down to help me take off the winter cover, and remove a lot of debris from the cabin and deck as I’ve been kinda lazy and was just tossing it out of the companionway hatch onto the deck. Derigged the hoist, and its over the side now as well. My next project is to close up all the openings on deck where water is coming in. Aft hatch opening, cockpit locker opening,  two air vents at the stern, the forward hatch, and the now useless water fill at the very bow. Without the winter cover on, she will start to fill up with water every time  it rains, so that is a priority job.

It turned out those beautiful welds were not so beautiful. I ground them down and discovered several pin holes and a lot of cracking along the seam. Inside, there is hardly any penetration and it will have to be rewelded form inside. I am even considering getting a contractor to come down and redo it, taking some of the lower chine away (with the double layers) as part of the problem was the material at the joint between middle and lower where the holes were. The material left after I cut away the rotted inside plate wasn’t that great. However, most of the problems came because the welds were all over head welds which are a bitch at times. I had Peter reweld the bad bits and it is ugly. So that will have to be looked at again.




I did get just  get about everything done on my list. The Max Prop is a work of art. It’s a bit fiddly to get it installed but now that its on, it is gorgeous. People keep coming up and fondling it. Honestly. I leave it feathered and when I come back its been turned to full ahead, full astern or somewhere in the middle. Had some fun greasing it, they supply a jar of grease so I bought a small grease gun. Nope, won’t work, set up for cartridges. Half an hour with a file and a drill, flipped over the piston and now it works just peachy.



The anodes  are on, but they look pretty bad as is, and the bolt studs are too small. I’ve picked up some 1/2 inch hardware and will be relocating them to better spots, most likely farther down the keel. The anodes for the rudder are ready, got the blanks drilled and tapped a few days ago, all they need is to be welded on to the rudder and then screw down the anodes.



Another week and I’ll have the yard to myself again. Then its time to get cracking again.




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  1. garryck permalink

    That’s a major bummer, mate.. my commiserations..

    On the other hand, sounds like those welds would have jinxed you, even if you had remembered the insurance..

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