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I’m meeeeellllllting.

July 26, 2014

Seems we went from winter almost directly into summer this year. It is currently 82F, with the humidity its feeling like 97F. Tried doing some work on my days off. Not fun. The bottom is now sanded and I’m working on feathering that paint into the topside finish. After 33 years, there are multiple layers of bottom paint and epoxy at the boot top, leaving a 1/16 inch edge. Add in that I was sloppy with the first bit of epoxy, it looks the pits, so I’ve started to feather it. So far I’ve got a bit more then 1/4 done, back two weekends ago. I figured on getting up early (like 5am) and going down, but that’s not much better. The least physical activity starts you to dripping, and with the humidity, you don’t dry off. Water must be consumed by the gallon, never mind liters.

A couple of weeks ago I cut out the parts for the hatch bases, cleaned them up and got them ready to assemble. To that end, I needed some strongbacks, which I made out of 1/4 aluminum. I  picked up the pieces yesterday and went down this morning to drill the needed holes. By 0830, it  was already feeling like 90F. But they are done, and I’ve started putting the frames together.

My first attempt at refinishing hatches turned out pretty good. 2 coats of sandable primer, and two coats of gloss black two part epoxy finish.

Imageepoxy finish. Image

all that remains to be done on this one is the installation of the foam seal. That can wait a bit. The frame is ready, the new base is ready, and it is time to chip, sandblast and re epoxy the deck where this  hatch goes. The I can put the refurbished hatch in position, and put an air vented cover over the frame, which might help keep the inside a bit cooler.

Actually I started the above bit in June. Forgot about in and left it in draft mode. Since then I’ve been working on the wood hatch frames, got them mostly done, sculpting with a disk grinder and sanding disk. Several coats of epoxy, sanded in between, they are starting to look not too shabby. We finally had a decent day to do the first coat of epoxy on the bottom, being a decent 25C with a nice breeze. We washed the bottom off with detergent, pressure washed it and hand dried most of it. Then we sat back for a couple of pints of water and a smoke (the other two guys) and let the wind blow dry it for half an hour. Then it was masking time, which took some time as the original boot top goes all over the place. Finally we started rolling on the grey epoxy, and it does look a hell of a lot better. We”ll let it dry for a couple of days and then have at it again with a second and third coat.

In other news, I’ve figured out where the leak is on the foredeck. Seems my cover works fine but being flat on a curved deck, the sides didn’t get enough sealer and its leaking there. So off it comes. Next job. I’ll take some photos of the paint job tomorrow.




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