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As promised, some photos.

July 28, 2014

Finally got round to downloading from the camera.

Beginning the replacement hatch frames. Had to use the pieces to hold the hatch while it was being primed and painted. No worries, it all sanded off as the job progressed.



Finally, the leprosy is gone. The first coat of Amerlock, went on a treat  Have some filling to do where the grinder got a tad aggressive but looking much improved.



The boot top needs a bit of work. After wet sanding the over rolled epoxy from the blotch job, it got pretty messed up in spots. The hardest part is that the paint manufacturer is long since out of marine paints, so matching the col0rs is going to be interesting. I found that Sherwin Williams does some marine epoxies, so I’ll be having a look at those. I suspect the grey will be easy to match or just repaint but the tan is going to be fun.


Looking a lot better don’t ya think? Now I’m hoping that when she hits the water, the brutal stripping of the inside will make her float a lot higher at the back end. Such that you should be able to just see the top of the skeg. Still have some holes to fill and other things, but if the weather is half decent tomorrow I’ll head down and start sanding for the next coat. White next time to make sure we don’t miss any spots. BTW it takes about 1.5 to 1.7 gallons to paint this hull. I’m almost out of grey, and will have to buy another set.


So there you have it. SD is on her way back from the dead. The destruction is pretty much over now, and the rebuilding is taking over now.

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  1. garryck permalink

    Lookin’ GOOD, mate! Well done!

  2. Great to finally see some photos of the bottom coming along.

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