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The weather is Delta Sierra

October 3, 2014

Got the anode studs put on and the various holes in the cockpit seats filled yesterday, before it got too soggy to work. Wasn’t too cold, but the damp cut through the clothes and the wind picked up so we got done early yesterday.

Tootled down there this AM, weather was supposed to be partly cloudy, (yeah for about an hour late in the afternoon) but we ended up with a steady easterly wind, at about 15-20 knots, and mist. Endless banks of mist. Didn’t stop us this time, and we went gang busters on the cockpit seat lockers, raising the main hatch sill and ended up with the seats framed, and welded all around. Next thing is to cut sheet steel to weld the last 26 inches of the seat as this will be a sealed top. I end up with locker hatchs about 16×46 long, which should be good for rope and possibly fenders. Most of my fenders are really old, so perhaps a new set of 8 inchers is in the offing.

Anyway we were at it until just about dark, cleaned up the cockpit and tarped it over. Hopefully the wind won’t shred the tarp and the rain will be light enough not to sag it too much. Forecast is calling for thunderstorms tomorrow, so I’m not sure when we get to it again. Looks like next week Wednesday or so. In the mean time I can pick up material for temporary seat covers, and clean up and epoxy all the welds.

Got to say, Mike Field is a hella good welder. The job he is doing is well worth the pay he is getting. I highly recommend him for any one needing a mobile welder in the Greater Toronto Area, and even farther afield. His web site is



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