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Ok, tis the season to get off my ass and do things….

April 25, 2015

I accomplished next to nothing since last year. Spend some money, figured out the tooling for the engine alignment, and a bit of drawing to get a better idea of how the interior will come together. And that was it.

So now we are into boating season, and after 12 grueling hours, the fleet is once again waterborne. Hallelujah, I can actually get at SD and get started. I’ve left the winter cover on, so the first thing to be done is finish chipping off the slag and spatter on the new cockpit bits. Then it all needs to be sand blasted, as my cover is not as water tight as it should be. It might also be a lot of condensation as the winter has had its fair share of very wet days. Anyway, its a mess.


So that will be the first job. Once completed I’ll pull the winter cover off and start other things. Primary concern is the rudder and skeg. From various reading I’ve done it appears that the design of the skeg is flawed in that it is a box welded onto the skin. There is no internal structure tying it into the frame. Apparently there have been recorded sinkings caused by side forces on the skeg causing the skin to tear away and leave large holes. Not good. The second problem is that the rudder shaft log appears to be made of some pretty thing tube, and is corroded inside. How badly? I have no idea. But another scary thing is the way they used a mild steel shaft for the rudder and welded the tiller arm to it.


Here’s the bottom of that tube. Looking aft at the tube you can see there is no internal structure for the skeg. 031A

The more I look at this, the more I cringe. It looks like they used a prop shaft stuffing box bolted to this bodged together tube. The shaft is a joke. With the tiller arm welded, and no way to remove the bottom bearing, there is no way to take the rudder out. So I’m inclined to say that a new rudder is in the wings, and since my Edson quadrant is for a 1 1/4 inch shaft, I might just as well start from scratch and build a new one, and rework the skeg. More on that later.

Other welding that I’m going to farm out is the moving of the forward hatch from deck (close that hole) to cabin top (open that one up and frame it). I am also going to get rid of the horrible aluminum toe rails they nailed on and replace the round stock at the top of the bulwark. There might be a couple other things, but those are the biggies. Oh, and I need him to make the exhaust J-box, which is heavy wall stainless steel.

My primary mission this summer is to get the inside scraped, sandblasted and epoxy coated. Then I have to weld the 2×1/16 strips along each rib for the inner lining to screw into, and finally get the interior spray foamed.

So it’s time I got my shit together and finished this beast. I want to retire!!!!!!

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