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Progress, my god, what a concept.

June 18, 2015

The Hobbyair arrived last week, haven’t had the chance yet, it rained all through my last off cycle. However, since I did sandblast some of the area and didn’t get it Ecoated, I’ll have to do it again as a lot of it rusted again. No worries. The rain showed where the welder missed a couple of spots, and a couple of of touches of epoxy will seal them up. The seat covers turned out not to be the cause of that cockpit locker swim tank, it was the 1/8 hole in the gutter that allowed water to enter.

Getting better organized, getting dimensions of area that need work, putting together materials lists, and working on the hatch bases here at home. My on again, off again brother is currently off, (way off, can’t even see him on the horizon) so it’s bit by bit. Getting the sand blasting and Ecoating done is the primary mission right now, followed by getting Michael Field back down with his welding gear to do a few more jobs. Most annoying of those is the rudder/skeg rebuild.

More later, looks like a thunderstorm coming, gotta get the tools under cover before the rain starts.

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