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Sand blasting is fun….. NOT!

June 27, 2015

Actually can’t really bitch, the sand blasting is doing the job. It’s all the problems associated with doing it that tend to drive one nutso.

2XL tyvek? NO GOOD.

3XL tyvek? NO GOOD.

Heavy cotton coveralls? Yeah, they do it but pockets full of sand and open front seams make it much more interesting. Coveralls have buttons, so when you lean forward, the seam opens up. I swear I have a pound or more grit in my shorts by the end of the session. Oh and shoes? No matter what, you end up with sand in them. Next time I’m gonna tape myself into the suit, shoes and all.

Hobbyair? Now that I have the right fitting for the hood, it’s a peach. Last session I only stopped twice, once because I ran out of sand, the second time when the compressor ran out of gas.

It takes a fairly long time to blast an area, the nozzle is only 1/8 diameter, and you have to move it slowly to get the paint and rust up, so doing the 126 inches of flange for the cockpit sole took a good couple of  hours to get done, but its down to frosted metal and the epoxy sticks great.

So far the lazarette deck has been blasted and has two coats of epoxy on it, and the cockpit flange has been blasted and has it’s first coat on.

Did a few other things, picked up the square tube for the compression posts on frame 3 and the one vertical on frame 6 which is more a hand grab than anything else. Spent 6 hours today running round picking up a Japanese saw rasp to work the hatch frames with, and some tool makers layout ink, so I can lay out the various cuts for the drain and exhaust tube components. Also ordered 20 feet of 2 inch hose for the cockpit drains.

I go back to work tomorrow, and it’s a 5 day stretch this time. July 1st is a statutory holiday, so an extra day in the bank, and a bit of money. On a happy note I finally checked my Canada Pension Plan set up, and discovered that between it and my Bell pension, I can pull the plug any time now. I’m tempted to start the count down, but why jinx it? Maybe in the fall or January 1st. I’ll know better then if the end of June next year is doable.

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