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Work continues. (Photo intensive)

July 24, 2015

The deck at the aft end is now sandblasted, e-coated, and has the first pass with putty on the pitting. Sanded it all down yesterday, put on a little more filler where the surface isn’t smooth. The frame now fits much better, did a bit o rework with the Japanese saw rasp. (Damn I love that thing) and re-epoxied the exposed wood. Today I’m going to fill the bolt holes with epoxy and let it sink into the wood, then let the excess drain out the bottom. The hardware is on hand, brand new 304 stainless, and I’m going to try butyl tape for the first time based on what Tate n Dani have said. Rather I’ll use the tape on the deck to frame interface and regular 4200 on the frame to hatch base interface.

The cockpit drains have the backing pads made, had to rasp them out a bit when my 2.5 inch hole saw went walkabout but it give a much tighter fit that way, so they are ready. I’ll need an extra pair of hands for that trick. Still haven’t figured where to put the sea cocks but the hose is here.

That was quite the adventure. Coming by UPS ground I didn’t expect it to get here as soon as it did, and the driver left no message or delivery tag. By the time I checked the tracking it was here a week, and turned around to be sent back. Called them, raised some hell, and was told it would be sent to my local UPS outlet. Two days later, still not there. “Oh sorry we thought you meant the main depot 50km away, not your local store up the block. And for this we pay premium prices? All too common with UPS. I guess since they have put the postal services pretty much out of business they can get away with it. Most suppliers don’t even offer postal service anymore.

The hardware for the drains and exhaust loop are cut out, after making up the patterns and scribing them onto the tube. A tad rough, a mini grinder with cutting disk is not a precision tool but with some file work they will fit. Means its time to get the MIG machine up and running. Or farm it out to a local welding shop. I used to be good at gas welding tube but never tried it by arc or MIG. We will see.

The old pedestal is now back on the ground and up for sale, the newer one is in the cockpit for rough fitting. That 28 inch wheel is huge, the original was 20 inch. I also took the Japanese rasp to the port side cover, not much to remove there, and it fits perfectly now. I’ll seal up the  wood with epoxy today.

I still have to sand blast the locker drains and the inside, hopefully this week if it doesn’t become hot n steamy again. So far so good regarding the cramps, have only had two minor ones, when I missed a couple of salt tablets.

The inside posts are now cut to length, at least the outboard ones. The center one is going to require me cutting a hole in the cabin top. There is just no way to get it into position without doing that, has to drop in vertically. Oh well, one more hole to fill. So be it.

Looking forward to getting the deck sealed off, the inside under the cockpit is about an inch deep in sand. First thing is to vacuum up all that and get it over the side, then I can get to working on the rudder. I’ve decided to farm that entire mess out, have the rudder and stuffing box built and have Mike weld it in place in the fall.

EDIT: The lazarette hatch base is now in place, fits well, only one bolt had problems. I’ll need to cut a bit off a frame in order to get a nut on it. I guess the old one wasn’t really bolted, just a bolt stuck in the hole. The hole in the coach roof is a done deal as well, had one of the summer staff help me drop it in place. I put the end of a plastic bottle over the hole until I can get it welded shut again.  Here are some photos.

Cockpit drain fittings Cockpit drain fittings roughed out.

006 Exhaust loop, last piece needs rework.

007 Cockpit drain sea cocks, backing plates and through hulls

008 Hatch frame. You can see the bit of frame that needs cutting

009 Pedestal placed in position for test fitting.

010 The three 2×2 posts. 24 inches between each. Welded to frame 3

013 Little sky light. 2×2 post under.

012 Mixed too much filler, used it up on the filler plate.



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