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Hoping the weather breaks.

August 3, 2015

Haven’t done anything now for a couple of weeks. Just too damn hot and steamy. Last night we had a cold front move through, amazing light show with the lightening, and it’s a lot cooler and drier. So hopefully I’ll get back at it again on my next off cycle. According to the weather gods, I should be able to finish the sandblasting and finally remove the winter cover. I was pretty worried about it last night, the gusts were running up to 90kmph, but a look at the clubs’ surveillance cameras shows it still up there.

I did get the foam gasket material glued to the hatch, came out pretty good, so the hatch is ready to be put in place. I still have to fix the messed up dogs, the original owner welded stainless steel handles on the outside so he could dog down the hatch from outside but made a hash of it by not checking the relative alignment between the dog and the outside lever. Then he tried to fix it by drilling numerous holes through the dog and the pin, and totally buggered it all up. One is out, the other is now stuck as the screw broke off inside the pin. I may end up getting new pins machined as the manufacturer is long gone out of business.

OR, I can swap hatches with one of the other ones and make sure the outside handles are properly aligned and use the aft hatch on the other frame. Just remove the handle and it will work OK since you can access it from inside.

More later, I’m off to work in about 10m.


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