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Cringe, Ye who enter…

September 25, 2015

I’ve been meaning to put this page up for some time, and have put some of the photos out in Meat n taters already, but it’s time. So here we go.



Above we have one of two cockpit drains, 1 1/2 pipe (steel) into a gate valve of brass. Regular plumbers items, after about 30 some odd years. This one broke off when Mike put his knee against it while working on the cockpit sole. The other broke off when I decided to boot it while I was E-coating the cockpit sole. Snap.





Above, the rudder and shaft. Notice how the tiller arm is WELDED to the shaft, which is mild steel? How in hell is one to remove the rudder which is all one solid weld assembly? Look closely at the lower photo and you will see that there is A) no way to remove the bottom bearing and B) no disconnect between the upper shaft inside the hull and the rudder proper.

See the bathtub silicon? Also, notice the squared off top? This was for the emergency tiller, which was about 14 inches long. There is no way to access this from above so I guess in emergencies the helmsman would be living in the lazarette and taking steering orders from someone above.

Oh BTW, the shaft tube is thin wall steel, no anti corrosion paint inside, no grease fittings and I figure its probably paper thin now. If I move the rudder from side to side, large chunks of rust fall on my head.

frame 2

Frames. They are all like this, the skin is so far off the frames in spots that they had to put doublers in place. Not much I can do about this, I’m trusting to the strength of a monoqoque structure.


This is why it’s always a good idea to make your furniture and liner removable. Thank god the bottom chine was double plated. Even so, notice the holes in the chine. 30+ years of inaccessability under the head sink and toilet.





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