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The final bout of welding soon to be done.

October 24, 2015

Mike and his brother Glenn came down, and had a look at the various items. We dickered a bit over  who was supplying what and came to an agreement a couple of weeks ago. Sadly his schedule and mine don’t mesh even though I am off Wednesday through Friday. Last week he was still finishing up a job, this week and next we have no access to the yard on Friday or Saturday due to mast take down and haul out. So maybe, next Wednesday and Thursday to get the outside work done. At least get the toe rails back to the way they were. The hatch fill can wait til after lift out, as long as they put up fire blankets.

In the mean time my back (as usual) has been giving me fits, Went to the Chiro last night. Lasted a whole 6 hours before the rib ends buggered up again. Went again this evening. So far I’ve got the vertical posts in position and ready. I’ve managed to remove the inside stringers from where the new hatch location is and scrap off the mung. Got started on the area for the forward hatch, scrapping it. Other than that? Not a bloody thing.

rudder hole 1

Anyway, above is where I am now. The hole is 2″ and the end of my old baseball bat will fit nicely in there. Once it’s bashed in place I can open the hole up to 2 3/8″ with my 1/2 inch drill and a hole saw. Not gonna be much fun but it shouldn’t take long. Tomorrow the yard is closed, so I’ll try and get down Sunday to do this. Then continue on with the cleaning up of the fore deck undersides.

On a plus note the rudder stuffing box arrived, a very sexy piece of bronze with a 6 inch section of rubber hose attached. I’m going to have the mechanical tube turned down to 2 1/4″ OD to fit the hose and use up the last of the nylon I used for the prop shaft alignment bushing. I figure I’ll get a one inch piece for the lower mount, and about 8 inches for the top end, inside the stuffing box. One thing, they didn’t include any packing so there’s another thing on the list.

One of the benefits of no longer eating out continuously is a bank account that keeps on growing. Eat cheaper food, better food, and save a pot of money every week. This allows me to spend money on more boat things, although most of the heavy stuff is purchased already. I expect this winters’ boat show will include a serious look at a forced air heating system and perhaps a bow thruster. I also think it might be a good idea to invest in a new main sail. I bought a used one but I think it will need some cutting down. Time to remeasure the mast and boom.

“til next time.

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