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Not having much luck lately….

November 8, 2015

Mike hasn’t been able to get down here at all so far. First the yard is shut down for mast take down and then haul out, then my back goes phooey, and now he has neighbor problems.

Mike runs a MOBILE welding set up, and occasionally does small stuff like TIG welding in his garage. Unfortunately Mikes’ next door neighbor is a butthead.  He sicced the city on Mike, and now Mike has to look for a commercial location. So, no welding right now.

S’ok I guess. I’ve not got the prep work done yet, still have a bit to go, mostly that 2 3/8 inch hole and finishing off the slots for the pulpit mount. In the mean time I finalized the machine work to be done on the mechanical tube, and will be finishing the drawing today, then the tube, the nylon and the drawings will be taken up to the machine shop. I also picked up the material for the lower bracket, and will be doing the set up for that later this week. I did manage to clean up the underside of the fore deck so Mike can weld in the stringers for the deck patch and the new forward hatch opening.

The yard is now full, and since I am playing nice, I can’t run the compressor for another week or so until the majority of the people are finished getting their covers on. Too noisy, don’t need the head aches of complainers. I was going to scale the toe rail ports. The builder used 3/8 square rod to bend the inside frame for the ports, but welded them too close to the deck, making it impossible to really clean up and rust proof the area. The two on either side amidships are always covered in standing water, and the corrosion is getting a foot hold.  I am planning on using the air grinder to bevel the lower edge to a 45º angle so i can get to the root area and clean it up. Scaling is called for so it will get done later in the winter. I can taste the hot chocolate and rum already.  I’ll also radius the ports themselves, to go easier on the lines passing through.




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  1. John Clouseau permalink

    You once had a Mason 31 for sale. I got interested in it, but cannot find any info or illustrations anywhere on a Mason 31. Can you fill in the details? I think it is a wonderful-looking little boat, steel I presume. Can’t tell from pic much about the chines.

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