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Oh, the fun of cutting through a weld…

November 19, 2015

Ok, got down there a few days ago all gung ho and pounded my old baseball bat into the hole, then back out so I could cut it to length. Having sawed it into little pieces the plug went back in and was really pounded in. So far so good. Next I chucked the 2-3/8 hole saw into my half inch drill, poured some cutting fluid on the area and had at it. Not so good. I have managed to cut about a 1/4 of the way through, and I figure the hole saw is DOA. My drill isn’t very happy about it either, as she started smoking.

So, that was it for the hole. I’ve ordered a new hole saw, this one is carbide tipped. Hope it works better cause it cost over a $100. I got the company to ship it via US post as UPS has turned into a joke. The last three shipments sent via UPS never got delivered, nor was I notified of their arrival. In fact one of them was on it’s way back to the shipper before I caught it. Add to that the paying of $40-50 every time for “Customs Clearance” on top of the transport charges and they have priced themselves out of my range. Canada Post will clear it and charge you $5 plus the duty if they actually do charge you. Not to mention that having something shipped here by air marked “Hold for Pickup” means you can go to Customs and clear it yourself.

In the mean time, I’ve done a couple of Mini Missions to get the rear cradle pads off and the patches epoxy coated. Can’t risk climbing into the boat until they are back so that’s it for now. I’ve also checked out the old diesel tanks from Irish Queen which I bought, thinking I could use them. Way too big, so they’ve been sitting until I can clean them and take them to the scrapper. But I noticed they are just about exactly the size of my cooler, so I might take one of them apart and use it as the liner. I just gotta be careful when cutting it up. I’m going to drain them, and fill them with water before I cut into them.

Mike is still searching for an industrial unit to set up in, so the welding is on hold. S’ok. Gives me more time to do the prep work, and come up with other things for him to do. I may get him to finish part of the floors. Over the years the frames have warped, so the floor plates have gaps in them. I believe that by starting at frame 2 which is solid, I can use a pipe clamp to pull them into shape again and then weld in the center line and offset floor plate supports. Working back all of the can be pulled or pushed to where they are straight. I could do this myself with the MIG machine.

I’ll have to think about it. I’m just about at the end of my working life, and where money was plentiful and time was short, I’m getting to the stage where that is reversing itself. Something to consider.


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