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Not getting much done here.

December 2, 2015

Still waiting on that carbide hole saw. I have to say Fastenal is a weird company to deal with. Anyway it was mailed out on the 25th so it may get here by Xmas. I haven’t heard from Mike either, gonna call him tonight. The machine work is done, the mechanical tube has been turned down at both ends and notched where I intend to cut through after it has been welded in place. The parts for the lower bracket have been blued, scribed and punch marked for the bottom end of the mechanical tube, and the two vertical sides which bolt through the skeg. The half inch bearings which were missing in the shipment have finally shown up, they should be here sometime, also before Xmas.

In the  mean time, the rear cradle pads are back in place, and the boat is once again solidly shored up. Currently its still above freezing, so I’m gonna go back down and get the compressor going so I can grind the frames up forward where the cross piece goes that supports the rear end of the pulpit.

Back has been giving me fits again. Not screamingly painful but not gone either. Just a nice nagging ache. I suspect I’m past the point where the Chiro can do much more than put it all back in place for a day or so. Exploring new ground here.

Another 6 weeks and its Boat show time again. Have to see about getting new charts, some how I lost the disks for my PC nav software. Also may check out an Espar heater system as well. Gonna put in my time at the show for the club and spend some time shipping as well.


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