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January 9, 2016

Ok, that hole is now cut, the mechanical tube fits up through it, and I can start setting up the lower bracket. My welder has finally got a shop, and has some time now to get to my job. He and his brother Glenn were down today, and they got the 16 feet of 3/4 rod welded on both sides to make the toe rail even now along its entire length. A pretty decent job, given as the skin has been dented in in a few spots over the years, and they cut it kinda wavy when they chopped out the original rod and put in that mess of aluminum toe railing. Since I bought a complete set of genoa track and cars from Garhauer, the old really ugly aluminum is history. It’s been pissing me off for as long as I’ve owned the boat.

Next job will be setting up the lower bracket, putting the tube in place and welding it top and bottom. That is the next critical item. The rudder also needs to be reworked, but I need some information from Edson before I get the shaft machined as I need a key way at the top end and need to know which side to put it on.

Tried to take some photos, but my camera was left in the truck for the last couple of weeks in sometimes -5c temperatures, so it didn’t work. I’ve charged it  now and will get back down again asap. In the mean time I’m beat, time to take some T3s and hit the hay.

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